Why your biggest influencer isn’t your real estate marketing team, it’s Google

Customer since April, 2016

Before our client, a real estate firm based in South Florida started with Elite CXS, they noticed that prospective clients were choosing realtors based on online reviews.

Before coming to Elite CXS, the company were manually sending out review requests to sites like Zillow. However, results were not great, plus the process was tedious. The business looked for a review software to make the process simpler. That led the business to Elite CXS’s Reputation Management System Elite CXS.

“Elite CXS gives our company instant credibility and it allows us to easily amass lots of reviews, which is what customers are looking at online. We have realized an increase in customers contacting us directly from online, which gets our foot in the door. It also instantly increases trust with customers, which is invaluable.”

A review from – Our client.

New Client Reviews

With Elite CXS, sending review requests became easier than ever. Our Client sent review request texts to customers after each deal was closed. Elite CXS’s review request templates made the process easy and effective.

The results speak for themselves. From January 2018 to June 2019, Our Client has seen 86 new reviews from clients.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

With Elite CXS, our client is able to track how well it’s doing relative to other local real estate firms. Elite CXS offers competitive benchmarking, which allows businesses to compare their review quantity and overall star rating to other businesses in the same industry.

Our Client regularly tracks its online reputation relative to competitors in the Elite CXS dashboard. The business has more than 28% more reviews than the average real estate firm.

Authority and Social Proof

A team leader of the company, appreciates the authority and social proof that reviews provide on search engines. “20-30 years ago, you used to ask clients for referrals. Now there’s only one person you really need a referral from, and it’s not even a person. It’s Google.”.

Our Client has said that collecting reviews has helped him to close more deals. “It makes your job easier in terms of outbound calls. The minute someone stops talking to me, they’re going to Google me. If I’m going up another agent and I have 166 reviews and they have none, who do you think the client’s going with?”

Promoting Reviews

Since reviews are such an important factor influencing buying decisions, Our Client promotes its reviews to as wide an audience as possible.

Our Client shares reviews on its website by using the Elite CXS widget. By simply copying a line of code from the dashboard, the business is able to share a live review feed on its website. Visitors immediately see the glowing reviews of happy clients.

Drive Growth with Online Reviews

Our client now has a stronger online reputation than ever before. With Elite CXS, Our client is standing ahead of the competition with the power of reviews.