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Grow and maintain a competitive advantage for your brand by understanding your competitor landscape.

In order to maintain a strong and dominant market presence, it is vital to conduct ongoing and insightful analyses of your competition. The greatest battles won are the battles never fought. In order to outmaneuver competitive threats that lead to costly brands wars, it is critical to learn and react to what those in your industry are doing well, while creating a market advantage where they have operational, sales, product, pricing, service or customer support deficiencies.
Elite CXS is here to help you garner the key information you need through our powerful competitor mystery shopping and reputation management solutions.

Competitor Insight Through Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is the most effective method to validate your competition’s pricing, sales and service process, and customer experience techniques. Developing a plan based only on internet research or customer feedback will be flawed.

Customer feedback will point you in the right direction. Mystery shopping your competition will clear the path to allowing you to understand the subtleties in the way your competitor brands operate. We do a deep dive into details to identify what makes the competition tick and pinpoint game-changing factors you can use to your advantage. We provide you with:

In-Person Competitor Mystery Shops, In-Person Competitor Video Mystery Shops, Telephone-Based Competitor Mystery Shops, Web-Based Competitor Mystery Shops, Onsite Price Checks Telephone/Web-Based Price Checks.

Elite CXS gives you more than just a report that contains graphs and statistics. We know the importance of understanding your competitors, which is why we provide actionable insights and suggestions you can readily integrate into your business decisions.

Competitive Analysis Through our TrueVoiceCX Reputation Management Solution

Understand where you rank in your industry and leverage competitive insights to get ahead.

Hear every word of your competitors’ customer feedback

TrueVoiceCX’s benchmarking software gives you access to your competitors’ public data from 150+ review sites, 300M websites,
forums, blogs, and social channels.

Win with competitive benchmarking

Compare sentiment for products and services against industry leaders at a brand, national, or local level.

Our Reporting

Discover sentiment trends

Your competitors’ reviews from hundreds of review sites and social platforms are run through Athena, our TrueVoiceCX proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, allowing us to identify and track trending topics most important to you and your brand.

If you want to stay ahead, it’s all about keeping
the competition in your rearview mirror.

Jim Fowler, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2017

Compare performance from every angle

We evaluate relative performance using the same categories and sub-categories utilzed for your own business insights, then drill down into specific topics, keywords, and adjectives driving customer sentiment. Zoom in on verbatim snippets and full-text reviews to get the full story.

Competitive NPS insights

Measure your competitors’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on customer sentiment from their reviews to learn what their promoters love about their business.

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