Elite CXS has been a leader in customer experience since 2008

Elite CXS Has Been A Leader In Customer Experience Since 2008

Our comprehensive approach combines innovative strategies with actionable insights, driving tangible improvements and sustainable growth for our clients.

Elite CXS specializes in

Delivering comprehensive customer experience solutions

We provide an extensive range of in-house mystery shopping solutions, including written, video, telephone, and web-based evaluations, complemented by thorough auditing processes.


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Elite CXS is your trusted partner in providing customer experience management for your business.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower businesses with exceptional customer experience
solutions. Integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity are at the heart of everything we do.

creating value

Elite CXS is committed to creating value for clients by enhancing their customer experience journey and continually seeking internal efficiencies.

actionable insights

Elite CXS’s mission and vision revolve around transforming extensive customer experience data into actionable insights.

respect & communication

We emphasize the importance of treating employees with respect and open communication, believing this translates into better care for clients’ businesses.

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind our success

A team of dedicated professionals with a passion for excellence and a commitment to your business’s success.

Elite CXS prides itself on its innovative approach to customer experience, led by founders with a rich background in monitoring, measuring, and managing customer interactions. As a Veteran Owned Small Business, the company is dedicated to supporting veterans and enhancing their quality of life. The team at Elite CXS, passionate and family-run, emphasizes creativity and focus in our work. 

david hartley

CEO & Founder

david hartley

“Boats in the harbor are safe but that is not what they are meant for”.

Marguerite Turner

Director of Operations

Marguerite Turner

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence.”.

Oleksandr Bredikhin

Senior Developer

Oleksandr Bredikhin

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything”.

Anastasiia Bredikhina

Editing Coordinator

Anastasiia Bredikhina

“It is our choices that show who we really are,
far more than our abilities”.

Susan Kristensen


Susan Kristensen

“Accounting is not just about counting beans; it’s about making every bean count”.

Bob Klenk

Account Executive

Bob Klenk

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right”.

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Join our team of experts and be part of a dynamic and rewarding environment where your contribution makes a real difference.


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