Employee leaderboard with Elite CXS increases sales

Our client is a 12-location mattress store based out of Florida. Prior to coming to Elite CXS, the business was not using any kind of software to get new customer reviews.

However, the company realized that many potential customers were using online reviews in order to make purchase decisions. While they had many happy customers, they did not have as many reviews as they wanted. The company realized that they needed to send review requests in order to motivate their customers to leave more reviews. While searching for a solution to their problem, they came across Elite CXS, which allowed them to send review requests automatically.

“Overall Elite CXS is one of the best marketing decisions we’ve ever made. Getting reviews and managing our online presence has made an impact on sales and this has definitely equated to an increase in people coming through the door and landing on our website!”

More Customer Reviews

Elite CXS gives businesses the ability to send out automated review requests to customers. Elite CXS is integrated with our clients CRM, so customers could get a review request as soon as they walked out the door and the interaction was still fresh on their minds. Results were immediate. In their first full month with Elite CXS, review quantity increased by more than 4x.


In order to motivate reps to send out more review requests to customers, Our client used the Elite CXS Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is a feature within the dashboard that shows how many review requests have been sent by each employee. The Leaderboard helped to create a competitive environment where every employee strives to be on top by sending more review requests.

Monitoring and Responding to Customer Reviews

The Elite CXS dashboard makes it easier than ever for our client to monitor and respond to customer reviews. With Elite CXS, businesses can see reviews from over 150+ sites in a single site. When leaving a response in the dashboard, the response will be posted on the site where the review originally appeared.

Our client made sure that employees were regularly engaging with customer feedback. Every store manager is responsible for responding to posted customer reviews.

Real Business Impact

The increase in online reviews has had a real impact on our clients bottom line. Since they started using Elite CXS, the company has seen an increase in revenue. New customers came in who learned about them through online reviews. They would often ask for reps who were mentioned in reviews by name.

Driving Growth with Elite CXS’s, Elite CXS System

With Elite CXS, our client has gotten more revenue and more customer reviews. Our easy-to-use all-in-one platform has made it easy for any employee to step in and use the platform to collect and leverage customer reviews.

Since switching to Elite CXS, our client has seen increased visibility and increased revenue. After all, more customer reviews mean better business results.