Online reputation management made easy

Online review management has never been simpler

Business reputation management made easy. View all your reviews from 150+ sites in one interactive
dashboard. Filter your review feed by rating, time period or by source to identify which areas and sites to
focus on. TrueVoiceCX sends you new review alerts via email or SMS so you don’t miss a word.

Quickly address negative feedback

EliteCXS alerts you of negative customer experiences so you can respond instantly. Easily convert reviews into support tickets and assign them to employees to ensure every customer issue is resolved quickly. Elite CXS will work with you to develop the ticketing process to create a seamless approach to managing negative feedback.

Role-based review management
boosts guest acquisition as business doubles

On track to almost double their locations in 2 years, Black Bear Diner needed to make sure
guests at every location, old and new, were happy with their visit and eager to return.

Respond directly to every review

Respond to reviews on third-party sites directly from one dashboard. Keep customers engaged and acknowledge issues right away.

Streamline review responses

EliteCXS makes it easy for your management team. We create streamlined templates to be used for responses of all types that are readily available and just a click away.

Automate review responses

With automated responses based on custom rules, you can stay focused on your business and rest assured that every incoming review is promptly addressed. EliteCXS will work with you to establish these custom rules for your business and oversee the associated activity.

Keep employees motivated

Improve team productivity with an employee leaderboard. Drive healthy competition by tracking requests, reviews, and ratings for each employee.

Automatic spam and slander detection

TrueVoiceCX identifies reviews with spam, slander, and other violations and alerts you and EliteCXS using instant, daily or weekly alerts.

Bulk review management

Organize mountains of feedback with one click. Tag and ticket multiple reviews to solve more problems in less time.

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