The Role of Mystery Shopping

Monitor, Measure and Manage the key drivers of In-Person, Web Inquiry & Telephone-based customer experience touchpoints within your organization.

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Measure Your Brand Standards

Each questionnaire is designed to align with your brand standards. What gets measured, gets managed. Mystery shopping is the optimal method to ensure compliance to your brand standards and to measure the effectiveness and maximize ROI of your training programs. We can measure everything from cleanliness to sales and service delivery processes. Our clients use mystery shopping to enhance team skills and help every location deliver your brand promise consistently.

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Manage Results and Profitability

Mystery shopping has a direct impact on your overall profitability and ROI through:

  1. Effectively managing process changes and the ROI generated from it by deploying mystery shopping before and after the change implementation.
  2. Supporting your efforts to increase market share by identifying your strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively increase market reach, volumes, and overall revenue/profitability.
  3. The quality of the customer experience delivered determines the price you can charge. Retain your existing customers and attract new by measuring the customer experience level and consistency offered across locations.
  4. Improved profitability by delivering a better customer experience than your competitors, strengthening your brand loyalty and increasing customer retention. Higher customer loyalty leads to increased profitability and allows for a stronger pricing model.

Data Integrity

Our multi-step editing process is designed to provide accurate data that you can rely on. No matter the type of mystery shop, all reports and deliverables submitted by our on-site evaluators pass through quality checks and verification steps conducted by our trained editing team and are delivered to you in an actionable time frame. Through client specific certification programs, video demos and project calls, our evaluators are prepared to deliver reporting with integrity and expertise. Our rigid process allows us to deliver you data that you can trust and count on.

Our Reporting

Types of Mystery Shopping

In Person

Web Enquiry



In-Person Mystery Shops

Your physical locations represent a significant investment by your brand and represent one of the most important opportunities for creating a positive customer experience. By utilizing EliteCXS’ in-person mystery shopping, you can continuously and accurately monitor, measure and manage your frontline customer service techniques across all your locations. In-Person Mystery Shopping provides a critical measuring tool to meet your company’s specific goals. Customized reports will help you get the answers to what is most important to you.  Receive streamlined data from our team of evaluators as they track their customer experience in a written report.  The survey form can be adjusted to meet your changing needs and requirements as needed throughout the life of the program.

Web Inquiry Mystery Shops

In today’s world, website inquiries, whether they be informational, transactional, social, ecommerce-based or customer service-oriented, are often the first point of interaction between your company and the customer. Effectively monitoring and measuring this first impression in your omnichannel presence to the customer will provide an invaluable management data point for the overall success of the customer experience journey.  Use this information to create the best experience for them to choose you over your competition.

Telephone Mystery Shops

Your phone-based customer interactions, whether they be informational, transactional, or customer service-oriented, are one of the most important customer touchpoints for your company. These live interactions give your brand a voice and provide a significant opportunity for you to establish a connection and develop trust with your customers.

EliteCXS’ Telephone-Based Mystery Shopping will allow you to continuously and accurately understand the customer call experience: wait times, hold times, representative friendliness, professionalism and knowledge, as well as call resolution and offline follow-up across your phone-based touchpoints, including omni-channel initiatives.

The calls can also be fully recorded and attached to your written reports.

Video Mystery Shops

Covert Video Mystery Shopping provides a 100% verifiable view of the customer experience. Our skilled evaluators, using covert equipment, will give you an inside look at your business.  Video shops can be used as a powerful training tool for your management and staff as well.  Incorporate video mystery shopping into your customer experience tracking and you will see your business from a whole new perspective.

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