Are your customers seeing your business at its best? Monitor, Measure , Manage key metrics while viewing objective real-behaviors across your organization.

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Reality Driven Results

Looking for a truly objective view of your business as your customers experience it?

Covert video mystery shopping is the answer. See and hear exactly what goes on in real-life experiences as your staff interacts with customers. No filter, no subjectivity, no element of bias, no he said-she said; just 100% objective results.  Specifics such as body language, posture, tone of voice, facial expressions, dress standards often make the difference between providing just okay service and a great customer experience. See firsthand how your customers experience your brand through the power of covert video mystery shopping.

Certified Video Evaluators

Our evaluators are experienced covert video mystery shopping professionals. They use state-of-the-art equipment for covert recording that is approved for use by Elite CXS. Prior to working with Elite CXS, each evaluator must submit demos of their work, undergo written client-specific certification and attend a project review call with our team to ensure standards and expectations are fully met.

Executive Highlight Reels

We take footage from each covert video mystery shop and audit to create an Executive Highlight Reel that is invaluable to your executive team.  The Executive Highlight Reel visualizes concerns to aid and accelerate the process of finding workable solutions to your most pressing issues.  You can determine the direction and focus of the Highlight Reel program.  It is a powerful tool that is nimble enough to turn the concerns of the last board meeting into actionable visual data at the next.  An eight to twelve-minute video can be focused on key performance indicators where the company excels and where there is room for improvement, customer feedback topics, recent initiatives, policy changes, compliance failures or any issue that concerns the executive team.  A few minutes of footage encapsulates the meaning of a lengthy report.

Our Reporting

Data Integrity

Our multi-step editing process is designed to provide accurate data and quality video that you can rely on. Every video is reviewed from start to finish to ensure proper capture of targets, clear audio/video, completeness and reporting accuracy. All videos are cropped for start and end, title screens added as appropriate and reflections removed as needed. Additional deluxe editing features can be incorporated as well such as, removal of noninteraction waiting periods, timelines/evaluation section breaks, and detailed interaction timings screens to name a few.

Be it video or written, our on-site evaluators’ data passes through checks and verification points by our trained editing team and is delivered to you in an actionable time frame not weeks after the evaluation occurred!


Realize the Full Advantage

Covert video mystery shopping provides you with the benefit of being able to visualize key statistics and reporting while seeing a snapshot of what is truly happening across your organization. EliteCXS can also utilize the real-life videos to create actual content -based training videos and materials eliminating the need to create less effective mock training programs. These services provide you with enhanced value to fully maximize the results that can be achieved from utilizing covert video shopping. Significant savings will be realized across departments by utilizing these real-life scenarios for snapshots and effective training programs through the utilization of our time-proven, cost effective creation techniques.

Encapsulated Training Modules

The Encapsulated Training Modules work in tandem with the mystery shop, covert video mystery shop and audit programs.  The data collected from the mystery shops and audits highlight successful aspects of the program and the problems that need to be addressed.  The footage from the covert video mystery shop and audit programs are then used in short five to ten-minute training videos.  The videos focus on one topic that can be identified by you or with our assistance.  Each Encapsulated Training Module will consist of three unique videos focused on the selected topic.  This methodology was developed to reinforce positive behavior through repetition without losing the attention of the associates.  In a few minutes, a few times a week, positive, measurable change can be instituted company wide. These modules can also be created/adapted to be used as new employee onboarding training.


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