The ultimate business text messaging software

Consumers text, they don’t call. Communicate the way your customers do with a text messaging service for business.

All your customer communication in one messenger app

However you want to engage your customers, you can do it with Messenger. Answer questions, schedule
appointments, collect reviews, run promotions. All from one dashboard, on your computer or smartphone.

A single text messaging platform

All your messages come into one inbox where you can respond directly. It’s quicker and easier than checking your email: messaging is consumer’s 1st choice.

Your business wins when you text

Answer questions

Give customers the information they need right when they need it. Provide outstanding customer service and attract more people to your business.

Schedule appointments

Text Messages for appointments are better than phone calls, email and snail mail. More customers come in, you attract new clients and grow your business.

89% of consumers want to use messaging to
communicate with businesses

Twilio Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report, 2017

Send reminders and confirmations

Quickly and easily send notifications for upcoming appointments. Decrease no-shows, optimize your staff’s time, and keep everyone on the same page.

Announce promotions

Drive repeat business with promotions: re-engage customers, show your appreciation, and bring more customers through the door.

Get new reviews

Easily send a review request via text message to any customer, at any time from wherever you are.

Stay connected on-the-go

You have a business to run and not always from your desk: don’t wait by the computer for customer messages. Get instant mobile alerts whether you’re at the office or at the beach.

Get help from your team

You don’t need a designated employee monitoring your incoming messages. All relevant staff is notified of each new message so whoever’s available can step in. Elite CXS can also step in and be available when you are not.

Set and track quantifiable goals

Elite CXS will work closely with you to create and track goals for review volume on specific sites or across all review sites.

Once you reach your goal, let’s set a new one!

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