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Are you happy with satisfied customers or would you prefer to have delighted customers? Our reputation management suite gets you there, SMB to enterprise, we have you covered with tailored solutions to match your size and needs.

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CSAT vs customer delight

TrueVoiceCX provides you the tools and services to hear the complete voice of the customer from every touchpoint at both the brand and location level. The suite of TrueVoiceCX tools are a powerful combination that provides actionable insights to every level of the organization. EliteCXS experts will be with you every step of the way to help you craft great questionnaires, manage your reviews and social media awareness.  Great companies look far beyond customer satisfaction and place their focus on Customer Delight. Satisfied customers are just that – they have no complaints but will most likely give the new guy down the street a chance too. Delighted customers are your life and will always choose your brand over others.

Manage your reputation and Brand Awareness

TrueVoiceCX makes it easy for new customers to find and choose your business while keeping you connected to every existing customer.

Be Found – Google is the front door to your business – it is how new customers find you. Be found everywhere online.

Be Chosen – Stand out as the obvious choice and get more traffic through your door with the most reviews and higher ratings.

Be Connected – Interact with your customers on their terms – including Text and Chat. Get more leads, win more business.

Be the Best – Turn feedback into actionable insights. Understand exactly what your customers expect from you and act on it.

Monitor and Measure every Touch point

Our services and packages are custom, flexible and cost effective for each client. 

Reviews – Turn your customer reviews into your competitive advantage.
Surveys – Design surveys to improve customer feedback.
Insights – Turn customer feedback into actionable insights.
Benchmarking – Know you’re your competitor’s customers better than they do.
Social – Manage all your social media in one place.
Messenger – Manage all customer conversations in one place.
Listings – Put your business on the map and be found everywhere.
Webchat – Covert Website clicks into customers.
Ticketing – Fix issues before they become problems.

Stand-Alone Customer Surveys

As a stand-alone service, EliteCXS provides the latest in customer survey technology, enabling your customers to voice their opinions using multiple channels including:  Online, email, SMS text, receipt links/ QR codes, and mobile app integration. Your customers can use the channel that fits best to ensure you get rich data at every location. Structured data, coupled with open ended commentary, become your window into the customer’s perspectives about their experiences with you.

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TrueVoiceCX Integrated Customer Surveys

The TrueVoiceCX integrated customer surveys offer all the robust features as the stand-alone surveys and take full advantage of our strategic partnership with TrueVoiceCX. As a stand-alone tool, customer surveys do off good insight into your customers, however, become a valuable resource and key revenue/growth driver when added in to the TrueVoiceCX core solution. Customer surveys are integrated with review management, messaging, ticketing, custom alert distribution, and time proven algorithm-based review analyses.

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Customer Intercept Surveys

Customer service is the primary purpose of all businesses. To assess customer satisfaction and visitor satisfaction, companies and businesses use intercept interviews. These interviews give an insight into the customer’s mind and are an effective marketing research method of collecting customer feedback. Customer intercept is an interview to help businesses know about a customer’s experience, brand recall, recognition and many other viewpoints. Data collected this way are authentic and reflect the true feelings of the customer, because their interaction with the company is still fresh in their memory and they can remember the finer details.

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TrueVoiceCX All-in-One Customer Reviews Solution

Get online reviews on sites that matter to your business and boost customer happiness by leveraging feedback from over 150 online review sources.

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Turn consumer reviews into your competitive edge

Get new reviews, manage them and promote them across the web for 1, 10 or 10,000 locations.

All from one dashboard. Tailored solutions are available for small businesses through enterprise companies.

Company Listings

Business listings management made easy

Manage your business listings to rank higher everywhere online. Increase brand awareness, consistency and revenues through company listings.

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Social Ticketing

Convert reviews, social mentions and survey responses into support tickets. Solve issues before they escalate. EliteCXS coordinates with you to ensure the right person receives the issue to be resolved and manages the ticket through completion.

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Business Insights

TrueVoiceCX lets us dig beneath reviews, ratings, customer feedback, and survey scores to discover what’s working, what’s not, and where. We make this data available through your custom dashboard and EliteCXS provides regular management reporting with actionable insights for your brand.

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Respond faster and get more leads with web chat. Engage immediately and get new customers anytime, from anywhere.

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Monitor, post, and engage with customers across blogs, forums, news sources, and social media platforms – all in one place.

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