The #1 Review Monitoring Software Powered by TrueVoiceCX

Access to customer reviews, across every touch point, from every source, in one place.

Receive instant or daily review alerts

Choose to be notified the moment a new review is posted, or to view a comprehensive daily digest, or allow EliteCXS to manage the end-to-end process for you.

What are your customers saying about you?

With the rise of online reviews, customers are connected like never before. They promote. They criticize. What they choose to say is driven by their experience. For successful businesses, online review monitoring is an integral and constant part of customer acquisition.

Online Review Monitoring in one place

EliteCXS’ online review monitoring tool displays all your customer feedback from 150+ sites and sends you SMS or email alerts every time a review is posted for your business. Filter these alerts by source and star rating so you’re only notified about reviews you find most critical or you can take the worry out of it and let EliteCXS manage the review process from end-to-end for you.

Smart alert routing

EliteCXS will help you manage your team efficiently with role-based dashboards and custom alert settings at the corporate, regional and branch level.

Use reviews to get new customers

Let your customers do the talking to increase trust, social proof, and sales: word-of-mouth marketing at scale.

Filter alerts based on rating

Customize alerts based on review rating, review source, or keywords. Closely monitor what’s most important to you and filter out what’s not.

Build hyper-focused review feeds

Easily organize your reviews with custom online review monitoring hierarchies and filters for specific regions, locations, products, ratings, sources, and employees so you can quickly access the exact customer conversations you need.

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