What are Instant Audits?

Our Instant Audit, self-service solution, is especially designed to meet the needs of Internal Audits type of projects. Integrated directly into the Voyager user’s portal, the Create Instant Audit tool allows both reporting and the assignment/completion process to be performed within the same application. With the Elite CXS Create Instant Audit tool:

Anybody in our client’s company can be designated as an internal auditor

Internal auditors no longer need to switch between different accounts for completing audits versus analyzing collected data

Client users can instantly create and self-assign internal safety and compliance audits on-demand

Auditors with specific security permissions can delegate internal inspections to other employees in the company

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We had used multiple Mystery Shopping companies before, the difference with Elite CXS is AMAZING! we get a real report, detailed with solutions we can actually educate with! Thank you!

Justine Moore, Franchise Owner

We were stuck with customer complaints that our sales team were not adhering to company processes. Elite CXS’s team were so pleasant to deal with & were prompt in delivery and fairly priced. The product supplied, allowed me to fix the problems in my dealerships.

Kevin Ruez, Automotive Industry