Understandable & Actionable Insights



Mystery shopping insights come from great mystery shopping programs and can provide in depth analysis of any business situation. Whether the program is aimed at employee training, compliance factors, or specific customer service aspects, the insights a good MSP offers are vital to business growth.

By understanding and analyzing mystery shopping insights, Elite CXS will learn about how best you can deliver on your brand promises and improve customer satisfaction.

3 Ways We Deliver the Best Mystery Shopping Insights

Know The Targets

Mystery shopping can measure a wide variety of things, so it’s important to set out with a clear goal in mind. What are we looking to investigate with your program? What sort of data is going to offer the insight you need?, we will then deliver a step guide action to this solution.

We Will Build the Right Program

Once we have established the goal, it’s time to construct the right mystery shopping program that’s going to deliver the data that you need.

Most companies don’t have the experience to do this themselves, which is where Elite CXS comes in.

To get the right mystery shopping insights, we will ask you & discover the right questions, then creating the best report for you to see the metric you desire.

Understand The Data

Once your program is up and running and those mystery shopping insights are coming in, it’s important to us that you know what you’re looking at & fully understand how to use the vital data pulled from our mystery shops..

Data can come in all shapes and sizes, as charts or text, and it’s easy to get confused or misread it. Elite CXS are an experienced mystery shopping company &  can do the analysis for you, delivering your mystery shopping insights in clear, neat analyses that will help you get to the root of the issues quickly, all in the same dashboard.