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Creating and developing consumer trust and brand equity is no small investment. Protecting this success from risk, liability, noncompliance, and regulatory violations is more important than ever!


Fast Mobilization

Elite CXS is ready when you are.  Our team of auditors throughout the globe can be deployed quickly and have results returned to you expeditiously through detailed in-field mobile submission and reporting via our client portal.

Focused Auditors

Our team is ready to work for you.  Elite CXS is focused on delivering fast, reliable data when you need it.  Our team will deliver an objective insight into your business. Through client specific certification programs, video demos, project calls, and select criteria identification, our auditors are prepared to deliver reporting with integrity and expertise.

Customized and Detailed

Our onsite audit solutions are designed with utilizing a flexible and modular framework incorporating the key elements into each type to ensure brand standards and the optimal customer experience are being delivered across your organization. Each audit is comprehensively designed with your brand and key measurement criteria in mind allowing you to measure both the qualitative and quantitative components of your brand delivery.

Data Integrity

Accurate information delivered at the click of your mouse is available to you when you work with our team.  The data you receive will be intuitive, manageable, easy to access and publish when necessary.

Our multi-step editing process is designed to provide accurate data that you can rely on. No matter the type of onsite audit, all reports and deliverables submitted by our on-site auditors pass through quality checks and verification steps conducted by our trained editing team and is delivered to you in an actionable time frame. Through client specific certification programs, video demos, and project calls, our evaluators are prepared to deliver reporting with integrity and expertise. Our rigid process allows us to deliver data that you can trust and count on.

Our Reporting

Flexible and Cost Effective

Elite CXS will develop a program that best suits your needs.   We are flexible enough to follow your trends.  What was crucial last month may not be the same this month.  Our team can help you avoid a loss of productivity and overhead fees incurred when using your own staff.



Your brand most likely makes significant investments on promotional materials, pricing strategies, and operating/regulatory procedures. But even the most brilliant campaigns, carefully calibrated price promotions or thoroughly documented operational/regulatory procedures can fail if locations do not execute nor adhere to them properly.

So, it naturally makes sense that you want to protect and maximize your investment with an objective measure of compliance. Through our suite of onsite auditing services, listed below, Elite CXS can help you ensure this compliance and positively impact your bottom line.


Brand Compliance

Your brand is what makes you unique. Brand compliance audits ensure that new locations are following the guidelines for proper branding. When a location is closed or relocated, make sure that your efforts of branding are not wasted on a competitor in your old location. Protect your brand with the use of this comprehensive auditing program.

Franchise Adherence

Managing a franchise business with maximum profit levels is a challenge.   Maintaining franchise agreements, royalties, accurate and honest reporting of sales, are all key elements.  Consistent independent audits of each location are crucial to keep things on track.   Closely monitoring your business will prevent fraudulent franchisee activities from setting in, which can in turn impact your profits.

Regulatory Compliance

Elite CXS compliance audits are a comprehensive review of your organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. Audit reports evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures.

Compliance auditing helps you identify weaknesses in regulatory compliance processes and create paths for improvement throughout the organization. In some cases, guidance provided by a compliance audit can help reduce risk, while also avoiding potential legal trouble or government fines for noncompliance.

Compliance programs are modified and updated to stay on par as existing regulations evolve and new ones are implemented. Elite CXS compliance auditing solutions provide an outline of internal business processes that can be changed or improved as regulations and requirements change.

Facility Checks

It is important for your brand recognition, that each store have a similar look, feel, and process. With multiple locations, it can be difficult to ensure that the customer journey is the same for every customer. Conducting regular facility audits is the perfect way to ensure continuity throughout your network of locations across the country and abroad.


Businesses operating with a large percentage of cash transactions are open to many types of fraud.   Cash handling, under/over portioning of food and beverage items, and under the table sales are all elements that must be monitored and closely managed. Our integrity audit solutions will help to identify theft and noncompliance to company portioning standards and cash handling procedures. Integrity audits by Elite CXS will prevent and/or stop profit leakage and grow your bottom line.

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