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Selecting a customer experience platform and solution provider is no small task. There are many software products out there and they all claim to be the best. Some support all industries and some are focused to specific industries. No single product effectively handles the entire customer journey and all the validation, testing, and management components. In addition, software providers will tell you that their products run themselves. While this is partially true, software applications will automate some of the tasks, daily management and interaction is required to get the full return out of the investment. The initial setup and configuration are always a daunting project as well.

Elite CXS has done the hard work for you. We have researched all the key providers in our industry and have partnered with the best and developed integrations to allow you to have a true on-stop solution for all your CX management needs and requirements. On the go dashboard style reporting gives you pertinent data points across your CX touchpoints to make required decisions and changes immediately. Gone are the days of data Dumps that leave confused and handcuffed. Management reporting is routinely provided showing clear comparisons across touchpoints, what is working and what isn’t, actionable recommendations and profitability enhancements identification.

We recognize that every business is different and what components are needed and how they are used must be tailored to how you run your business and what you want to get out of it. Elite CXS will never just sell you a product, hand you a manual, offer you minimal support and wish you luck in getting it off the ground. One of our customer experience experts will be assigned to you and he or she will work with you and your business daily to ensure results are delivered. We will tailor a managed solutions package that is the right fit for your business and brand. We will be involved in your business every day to maximize your customer growth, delight, profitability and ROI. The individual components of any solution package can be adjusted over time, as well, to ensure you are consistently receiving the right services for your business needs.

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Omni-source insights, better results

Solutions that won’t put you on hold. Transform how you listen to customer feedback with TrueVoiceCX and understand your customers better than ever before.


Convert your customers into your
marketing engine

Accelerate your digital strategy with customer feedback for every location to become an industry leader.

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Turn customer feedback into
actionable insights

Make better business decisions with feedback from every touch-point of the customer journey.

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Bring it all together for 10 to 10,000 locations

Manage reviews, social and surveys for your entire organization from one dashboard. Grow revenue and dominate competition at scale.

Omnichannel view

The TrueVoiceCX platform captures your star ratings, social engagement metrics, and survey responses so you have a complete picture of all the experiences customers are having with your brand.

Streamlined workflows

Reduce issue resolution time and maximize customer delight with streamlined ticketing and tracking. Improve productivity with custom user roles and permissions.

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High-caliber reporting

TrueVoiceCX converts mountains of unstructured feedback into actionable insights. Spot overarching themes and drill down to uncover root cause of positive and negative sentiment.

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Top-tier support

Get all the help you need with a dedicated customer experience expert and a comprehensive online Knowledge Center.

Setup & implementation

Easily onboard multiple teams so you can get started immediately. A dedicated customer experience expert will work closely with you every step of the way before, during and after implementation.

1000+ integrations

TrueVoiceCX is integrated with 1000+ apps to automate Customer Experience at every touch-point.

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Ensure standards and process compliance through mystery shopping:

Monitor, Measure and Manage the key drivers of In-Person, Web Inquiry & Telephone-based customer experience touchpoints within your organization.

Reality Driven Results Through Video Mystery Shopping

Looking for a truly objective view of your business as your customers experience it?

Covert video mystery shopping is the answer. See and hear exactly what goes on in real-life experiences as your staff interacts with customers. No filter, no subjectivity, no element of bias, no he said-she said; just 100% objective results.  Specifics such as body language, posture, tone of voice, facial expressions, dress standards often make the difference between providing just okay service and a great customer experience. See firsthand how your customers experience your brand through the power of covert video mystery shopping.

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Assurance through Inspection and verification with Onsite Audits

Tremendous resources are used to develop your sales process. More resources are used to manage and improve the customer journey. Now you must effectively measure your success to ensure you are heading in the right direction. Elite CXS’ integrated suite of onsite auditing tools will ensure this success.

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Employee Engagement

Elite CXS’ Employee Engagement solutions provides you with the tools to know what your employees think about working for your brand, if customer experience is the focus, and if they believe they have they needed tools and training to perform like champions. We analyze all the received data points and provide you with actionable recommendations that show you how investments in employees will improve the customer experience, reduce costs, increase revenues, and mitigate risk for your brand.

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Key Features and Benefits of Elite CXS’ Managed Solutions for Small Business

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