Do you inspire your employees to be at their very best each day?

Have you set clear expectations? Do they love what they do and create great customer experiences? Have they been given the tools and training to perform well? Your employees are the frontline champions of your brand, and that’s a great business outcome for you.
EliteCXS’ Employee Engagement solutions provides you with the tools to know what your employees think about working for your brand, if customer experience is the focus, and if they believe they have they needed tools and training to perform like champions. We analyze all the received data points and provide you with actionable recommendations that show you how investments in employees will improve the customer experience, reduce costs, increase revenues, and mitigate risk for your brand.

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Employee Surveys

Do your employees love coming to work every day? Are they embracing your brand and providing a delightful experience each time a customer walks through the door? EliteCXS’ employee engagement surveys are at the foundation for creating a more loyal and motivated employee base across your entire organization. Our surveys focus on:

  • Measuring the engagement and satisfaction of your employees with your brand and organization
  • Garnering insights from your employees for continuous business improvement and risk mitigation
  • Linking the impact of employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction, costs (e.g., labor), revenue and profit.

The surveys can be utilized at the store/location level, across departments or the entire organization, as well as for unique populations such as franchise owners, whose feedback and insights can be instrumental in making strategic business decisions.

Employee Retention

Engaged employees are satisfied with their work and would never think of quitting their job. They are the ones who willingly accept responsibilities and look forward towards a long-term association with the organization. A high turnover rate is often a clear signal of employee stagnation and dissatisfaction with your organization. Onboarding costs average $9,444.47 for a minimum wage employee. Retaining employees through a structured engagement process will put you ahead of your competitors by allowing you to eliminate excessive onboarding costs and increasing overall customer delight levels through dedicated, knowledgeable and championship staff.

Employee Training

The process of transitioning new hires into the company culture is costly costly and time consuming. To achieve a high-level of customer delight, service must be consistent across all customer touchpoints.  To achieve this successfully, it is important that your organization has an effective and clearly defined training program, so your employees know what is expected of them.

EliteCXS will provide access to your employees to customized training materials and real-life videos to streamline the onboarding process and for existing employees to gain new knowledge of your company as well as reinforce current techniques and procedures. Our proprietary Encapsulated Training Modules are concise video clips prepared using actual store footage from actual onsite video mystery shops and simulated scenarios to address issues discovered through the Reputation Management, Employee Engagement Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Call Monitoring and Auditing data. We incorporate visual, auditory and interactive learning to ensure every employee absorbs the information in the manner that suits their learning style.

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