The educational services market is large.

The educational services market is large, growing and highly competitive with multiple types of opportunities available for brands, franchisees and small businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 100k establishments in the private Education Service industry; almost 200k when including local, state and federal government institutions. On the private side, the industry is largely fragmented – the fifty largest companies represent just 30% of the total revenue in the industry.  

Whether you are in the public or private sector and whether your focus is adult or child-based education, you must set your organization and brand apart from the competition. Managing your omnichannel approach to customer experience is how you get there. EliteCXS is here to help you on this journey with:

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Higher Education

The higher education services industry is working hard to help fill the “skills gap” in the United States. Competition has been on the rise as efforts have been redoubled to achieve market dominance. EliteCXS has focused on the unique challenges for post-secondary institutions. We understand the difficulty of enticing students to enroll at your campuses while adhering to the strict regulations imposed on the industry.

You need to know what is being said about your institution in order to address issues potential and current students are voicing on the internet. Our TrueVoiceCX platform will elevate your institution through powerful surveys, review management, social awareness and competitive analysis. EliteCXS’ mystery shopping solutions will show you what the typical student journey looks like from inquiry to enrollment. From web inquiries to recorded telephone evaluations to written/video mystery shops, you will receive a complete picture of your end-to end process for student attraction through enrollment. Employee engagement will ensure you are getting the full feedback from all levels within your organization.

Private/Charter Schools

Private/Charter schools face challenges each day that make it extremely difficult to keep them thriving and competitive. We have identified and analyzed some of these key challenges and developed strategies to overcome them.

Competition – The competitive landscape in the private school arena is fierce. Students and parents today have many choices to chose from. Havin a solid reputation and strong curriculum is a great start but is not the only criteria for why students and parents chose a school. The student parent experience they receive from their initial inquiry through enrollment often weighs the heaviest in their final decision. Especially, when schools are on equal footing for their offering. Therefore, understanding your competition and maintaining a stellar student/parent experience is key to success. EliteCXS is here to help with competitive benchmarking and mystery shopping programs that cover the entire student journey.

Engagement – Successful institutions engage on a consistent and encompassing fashion with students, parents and faculty.  Communicate, communicate, communicate and never assume everyone is happy with what and how you are doing things. How do you know for sure? Ask them. EliteCXS is here to help with customized engagement surveys, communications that all drive to aware and engaged students, parents and faculty. Engagement drives positive reviews which drives increased revenues.

Brand Awareness – Is your brand well-recognized? Is your brand listed everywhere it should be and consistently? What are people saying about your brand and institution? Our TrueVoiceCX platform will ensure all of these through social listening, social management, review management and listings management across all the appropriate sites.

Process and Regulatory Compliance – You put a lot of time, effort and money into developing processes that you believe will work? How well are they being followed? Are they as effective as you planned? In addition, regulatory compliances must be adhered to on a daily basis. Regular checks avoid potential fines and closures. EliteCXS is here to help with mystery shops and compliance audits from the first point of engagement through the enrollment financial processes. Independent facility audits will also ensure your facilities are meeting regulatory standards and compliance.


More and more parents today are becoming aware of the positive impact of quality early childhood programs for the future of their children, resulting in increased attendance and growth within the industry. Whether you managed 1 school or 100 schools, EliteCXS has the solution for you to stay a step ahead of the competition, manage your brand awareness, maintain high customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance through our TrueVoiceCX platform coupled with our mystery shopping and auditing programs.


Online education is massive with over 3 million/ Online-only students in the US; 6.7 million/ Yearly online course students; 10 million/ Total MOOC participants and growing year over year. Today, 86% of traditional residential colleges now offer courses online and 1/3 offer entire degrees online. With this level of competition, brand awareness, reputation management, social management, competitive benchmarking, and student/faculty engagement are critical for your success and revenue growth. The emotional aspect plays a key role in a student’s decision for what institution to attend. The emotions of others and how they were handled through the exploratory and enrollment process will also have a significant impact on whether they chose your institution or go to a competitor institution. Our TrueVoiceCX platform will allow you to monitor, measure and manage your online reputation and social sentiment. We will ensure your online presence and listings are consistent across all appropriate sites and drive positive reviews across to all major review sites. Our web inquiry and recorded phone mystery shopping solutions will ensure processes are being followed and identify areas for improvement.

Think how best you can tackle these challenges for your institution, and how a data-driven customer experience platform like EliteCXS can help. Ensuring the best customer experience and quality service possible is what creates brand loyalty for your institution, and ultimately grows your business.

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