Intercept Hot Spots

Customer intercept interviews and surveys are common in streets, retail outlets, shopping malls, fairs, shows and any other place where there would be a reasonable turnout of target customers. Customers give immediate feedback on their experience at the stores, the merchandise on display and the behavior and professionalism of the employees. The businesses aim to know why some people left the shop without making any purchases. The EliteCXS surveyors know how to make the right inquiries and can gauge customer opinion and successfully convert casual shoppers into buyers.

Questionnaire and Logistics

EliteCXS experts will help you develop a targeted intercept program with effective questionnaires that encompass all relevant topics to your brand. A custom-made questionnaire for every project helps gauge customer satisfaction more closely and in greater detail. The EliteCXS team helps in training and supervising intercept interviewers prior to sending them out into the field. Data collected through intercepts go through proper analysis before reports are presented.

Why Intercept Interviews

Intercept interviews are an effective tool to assess consumers’ satisfaction and opinions relating to abrand. Intercept interviews are carried out to know about customer expectations and perceptions that include possible modifications and improvements. Intercepts are utilized to gather statistical data — including the size of the market segments in a particular region, an estimate of income that may be generated if the product or services are used and to prepare the demographic profile of the customers. These surveys often convey to the businesses the requirements, views and behaviors of the entire population.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Customer Intercept

Intercepts can be carried out quickly, and immediate review is also available. This method is cost effective and can access a large number of target customers. The questionnaires are structured well, so you can draw conclusions in a short time. The major drawback is that it involves convenient sampling — which often means a small sample size is considered, so the results may not represent the true picture. However, intercept interviews in most cases are as reliable as other more costly and comprehensive survey methods.

Things to Do

Get immediate opinions from the customer and record their experiences. Act quickly when a customer expresses their dissatisfaction. EliteCXS works closely with you to ensure the right people are informed so they can take corrective measures. Set up precise training requirements and reward those customer service representatives who do their jobs exceptionally well. Make customer delight your main aim, and focus on customer service and care.

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