Even if it seems like this will never end, it will & we are here to help!

Like all of you, over the past weeks, we have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact. Please know that you, your corporate and field teams remain foremost in our thoughts.

We are truly in unprecedented times in the world; but we have seen before and will see again the resiliency of an amazing industry and the people that comprise it.

As you might expect, our business very closely follows the trends of industries globally; and like you, this is a very quiet time for us. While we have moved our operations out of our corporate offices for 14 days to provide for ‘social distancing’ and the safety of our corporate team, our operation system, BIB, allows us to function as seamlessly from remote locations as when we are in our offices. This assures that we never miss a call or email from you when you need help.

 While our Mystery Shopping division has slowed down due to closures and social distancing, it’s interesting to note that our Reputation Management team remains busy, with our [Industry] partners focused on the ‘long game’ preparing and improving the digital experience side of the business to be ready to hit the ground running as recovery happens.



When it is over, there will be a huge opportunity for growth. That is why you need to start thinking about the future right now. This is the time to put your budget towards honing your digital presence and preparing a post-Covid-19 marketing campaign.

Clever marketing does not have to cost the earth (toilet paper/ medical mask/ antibacterial spray/pick yours), however, it does have to be effective. That is why we are offering a two-staged process that will allow you to get the best results based on your unique business goals and values.

We are NOT encouraging you to blow your money in this time of crisis, we ARE saying that it is the perfect opportunity to prepare for a strong bounce-back, remember if you are not doing it your competitors likely are!



Now is the perfect time to collect information about your potential customers as people are spending more time online than ever before. Get the data about what they are looking at the most, what they like and don’t like. They have more time to browse and perhaps, are even prepared to fill out questionnaires for you.

We can make sure you are monitoring your online reviews & social accounts & general message to your target market. We will ensure all your business listings and information is consistent across the internet and increase survey responses and review postings across all the pertinent review sites. Remember, your current customers and potential new ones, are spending more time than ever surfing online while they are at home. Our TrueVoiceCX solution makes it easy for new customers to find and choose your business while keeping you connected to every existing customer.

Be Found – Google is the front door to your business – it is how new customers find you. Be found everywhere online.
Be Chosen – Stand out as the obvious choice and get more traffic through your door with the most reviews and higher ratings.
Be Connected – Interact with your customers on their terms – including Text and Chat. Get more leads, win more business.
Be the Best – Turn feedback into actionable insights. Understand exactly what your customers expect from you and act on it.

Now is the optimal time to Monitor, Measure and Manage every Touch point your company’s digital experience. Our services and packages are custom, flexible and cost effective for each client and we have extended billing terms during this period

Reviews – Turn your customer reviews into your competitive advantage.
Surveys – Design surveys to improve customer feedback.
Insights – Turn customer feedback into actionable insights.
Benchmarking – Know you’re your competitor’s customers better than they do.
Social – Manage all your social media in one place.
Messenger – Manage all customer conversations in one place.
Listings – Put your business on the map and be found everywhere.
Webchat – Covert Website clicks into customers.
Ticketing – Fix issues before they become problems.



Increase website ergonomics, speeds & usability, make sure that upon market stabilization you are the 1st out of the gate!

Update your website so it looks modern and sleek, making sure the user experience is perfect and that your website runs smoothly no matter how many people land on it. The more people know about you, the more will run to you as soon as this is over.

For times like this and in general we need to offer the following for example:

Home Delivery / Online Services

Online Consultations / Training

Onsite Payment Gateways

Website Based Advice / Solutions

Streaming / One to One Video Calls 

This will make sure if you ever need to close your doors or that you are not available physically your business continues to generate income.



As soon as our lives are back to normal you want to be the first one to show up in front of people. Start preparing your campaign now, because after it is finished it might be too late and someone will take that glory away from you. People in quarantine miss the things they can’t do now, so as soon as they can – they will and you need to be there at the forefront for them to come to!

While none of us have a crystal ball, I remain hopeful that we will be able to control COVID-19; and the industry we all love will return to or find our ‘new normal’ quickly. Whether you have a short term need while your team is struggling or are preparing for the ramp up when recovery comes, we’re here for you. Whatever your need, we’re as close as your phone (727) 674-0300.

Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation. We want to hear your story and assist you in this difficult time.